ESD Boxes

ESD-boxes are made of conductive plastics especially designed for transporting sensitive electronic devices. These ESD containers reliably prevent against electrostatic charge and divert already existing charges.
Volume resistivity/surface resistivity: 10^4 < 10^10 Ohm.

Product Description

This ESD PP Box is widely used in Electrical, Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Defense, and IT & Telecommunication industries.Our products are all manufactured as per various industrial standards ensuring their high quality and efficiency and widely acknowledged for their excellent performance and their durability.


  • Material: PP
  • Surface resistivity: 103 – 106 Ω
  • Color: Black


Model Outer size (mm)
MEGA PB405 600*500*300
MEGA PB406 545*415*240
MEGA PB407 410*  305*150
MEGA PB408   380*240*100
MEGA PB409   450*300*60
MEGA PB410   550*450*46